What to expect:

An initial consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. During this time I will take a thorough history of your prior medical conditions, your pregnancy, your unique birth experience, and your current and past breastfeeding experience. I will perform an examination of your baby's oral anatomy as well as your breasts, and I will observe at least one feeding. Together we will complete a plan to address any issues you may be experiencing and how to meet your own breastfeeding goals.

Payment is expected at the time of services by cash, check, or charge. For your
convenience, you can also prepay for your consultation online by using paypal. An additional fee will be charged for returned checks.

A credit card is required to hold your appointment. You may cancel an appointment at any time, but appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancelation fee. Cancelations at the time of service will be charged the full consultation fee.

I will provide you with a detailed receipt of your visit. You may use this receipt to try to obtain reimbursement from your insurance. I do not participate in any insurance plans.

Consultation is not a substitute for medical care, and can not be construed as medical advice. If you or your baby are experiencing medical problems, seek care from your doctor or emergency room immediately.

Any decisions affecting the health and well-being of you and/or your child should be discussed with your health care provider.

A report of your consultation will be provided to you and your baby's health care provider to facilitate your health care needs in regards to lactation.

Breastfeeding Sanctuary

Angela Hartfelder IBCLC, RLC

(806) 367-9528